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43) W.T.H.

note: This is such an unimportant post. I just wanna share.

W.T.H means = Who The Hell.
Who the hell here stands for............. WHO THE HELL MADE ROMANTIC STORYLINE FOR THESE DRAMAS!?!?!?


The Korean dramas i ever watched to the end are.....

City Hunter

The love story in this drama......
LOL TOO COMPLICATED. *brick myself*
What i like from this drama.....
How the City Hunter solves his problems of being a City Hunter, while he also falling in love with a guuuurl. OH GURLLLLLLL.
What i dislike from this drama.....
The story is tooooooo complicated for students like us to watch. LOL. It's mainly about government, payback, etc.

Heartstrings / You've Fallen For Me

The love story in this drama.....
OENYOEEEEEE. Why? Just watch it by yourself
What i like from this drama....
The love story ofcourse. A boyfriend who is very caring. is. totally. ....... *sobs* and the songs for the soundtrack, and the actors. Yonghwa and Shinhye make a good couple together uuuunyunyunyuh.
What i dislike from this drama.....
The story is just simply plain.

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

The love story in this drama.....
Too..... Beautiful........ Too..... Romantic..... *stares at the sky with teary eyes*
What i like from this drama.....
How Daewoong and gumiho maintain their love, even though gumiho is going to die. SOBSSSSSSSS FOREVAAAA.
What i dislike from this drama......
The ending is kinda awkward. I honestly thought it would be a sad-ended story, but it's actually not. At the end, gumiho appears again, but she's not a gumiho anymore.

Princess Hours / Palace

The love story in this drama.......
c-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d. a prince who has a wife -who can't show his love to his wife -who has a cousin who loves his wife.
What i like from this drama......
Just like City Hunter, but this story is much complicated. prince Lee Shin has to solve his problems of being a Prince (because soon he will be a King), while bad news about him are spreading, and his own cousin tries to get his wife away from him.
What i dislike from this drama......
The actor who play the role of Prince Lee Shin is....... okay this is kinda harsh, so..... i'll just say, not handsome. HAHAH.


Ahahahah okeeee gue capek pake Bahasa Inggris. Susah nyusun katanya bo.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho juga...... Tahun 2010....... Hikseu.

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42) fagyea; It's An Update!

Um...... it has been a long time since the last time i posted here.. right?
and by the way, i don't know whether i will post here often or not, because actually i already have a personal blog, it was created in 2009, it's rather old, right. And i can't tell you the url because......... that blog contains so many secrets and i can't let people know that it was me who posted those posts. LOL. LE NINJA.

And.............. Today is the last day of exam in SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang, so................

And.......... i actually want to tell my thoughts about my school's website's progress. My school's ICT team are really good. They make the site much much much better day by day. <3 lol the first time i saw the website my jaw was dropping because it's really.......... um....... ok just forget about it lah. And i kinda.... embarassed if people search "SMA Negeri 8" and then they clicked my school's website and then..........

"what dahel iz thizzzz?"

LOL. But now, i won't happen. Because the website is now worth looking<3 lol.
Go go go check it! => http://sman8tangerang.sch.id

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41) There's Only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, for you....


You, the feeling you give, the aura you share, just when you're being close to me, make me sick.
Yes, you are: THE FINAL EXAMINATION!!!!!

Those feelings and pressure i feel, ALL BECAUSE OF YOUUUUUU~
I FRICKIN' LOVE YOU. Oh, what? No, no. That's completely wrong.
I DISLIKE YOU. I won't say that i hate you, because i sincerely don't hate you.
because you're 1 of the reason why i want to study. hard.

Well but about the pressure and whatever they are, they really fill my mind right now.

SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang will held a final exam for this semester, It'll start=Tomorrow.

My Lord. My Gosh. My God. /le screaAaAaAaAams~/

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