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54) Kpop music chart for this week OuO

source: allkpop.com

This is unofficial. This chart is made by MYSELF.
So the songs are singles they're currently promoting, and the songs are basically new release.
and they have gotten me mumbling to them almost every-fagin-day.

1) SISTAR - 나혼자 (Alone)

2) 4minute - Volume Up


4) Busker Busker -  (Cherry Blossom Ending)

5) BTOB - 비밀 (Insane) *LOL. Can this one be categorized as new release?*

6) SHINee - Sherlock.셜록 (Clue+Note) *THIS ONE TOO. OTL.*

7) EXO-K - 너의 세상으로 (ANGEL)

8) SISTAR - Lead Me

9) Taeyeon (of Girls' Generation) - 미치게 보고싶은 (Missing You Like Crazy)

10) Busker Busker - 첫사랑 (First Love)

lol. lololololololll orz.
they're good. you should listen to them. Especially you guys who like kpop!
*lirik iyut, abang, aldi, fitri, kintan, pamela, arka, stevi, delfi*

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