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58) My mother's bday

hi people.
so....... my mother's birthday is on 27th April and it means........ 2 more days.
and...... on 27th April, me, my mom, and Dea, are going to watch Super Junior's concert named Super Show 4 at MEIS, Ancol.
do you get it? no? NO?
okay let me get it straight.

My mom is A HUGE FAN of CHOI SIWON. She's absolutely a fangirl just like me. (like mother like daughter)
and i think, she will be very happy if CHOI SIWON says happy birthday to her by himself. face to face. with my mom.
ok ok ok just by thinking this crazy idea makes me go skgjhdjkghbdjkfgbdk

SO, i'm gonna make a banner like this: "시원 오빠, 오늘은 우리 엄마 생일이에요. 우리 엄만 오빠 정말 좋아하세요 그러니깐 엄마께 생일 축하한다고 좀 해 주세요, 부탁합니다!"
literally, it means: "Siwon oppa, today is my mother's birthday. She adores you so much. say happy birthday to her, please!"

Oh God, please make this come true. It will be the best birthday present for my mother. and i myself will be totally happy, for sure.
Amen amen amen amen.

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