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59) #SS4INA = 완전 대박이야

Super Junior and EXO-M bowing to the fans.
picture by me :3

Hi ppl. I've finally watched SUPER SHOW 4 in Indonesia yesterday, 27th April 2012.
I think this is gonna be the bestest memory of 2012 for me.
Why not? the concert was really superb and fun. 4 hours of excitement. and i've got to see so many handsome boys. Super Junior and EXO-M.
well, though you won't give a f for exo-m because Super Junior had the show. exo-m was like just an addition for the show. the milk for a coffee. yesh. which means you won't feel the same heat while watching exo-m performing and super junior performing. totally contrast. (DUH. GURL. IT'S SUPER JUNIOR'S CONCERT.)
so yeah even though you were hyped for the show because of exo-m, you'll absolutely forget about them along the show and think about super junior only.

and one thing that i feel regret for.......... i didn't bring a handbanner about my mom's birthday yesterday (which i talked about on the prev. post)
and....... compared to today's show, by the live updates, i thought it was much more fun today than the yesterday's show.
like, for God's sake, Siwon showed his abs, and got wet because of the water. omfg that was like......... yesterday's not as fun as today.

so whatever. i should be grateful and thankful because i can watch it, ain't I? though i want to watch it again....... again and again and again and again~
but actually i feel satisfied enough with the show. WHY NOT. THE CONCERT WAS LIKE-- 4 HOURS. DUH.
yesterday i was like "what time is it" "oh it's just 9 p.m. why does time flow so slowly" then "omg i think the show's gonna be ended soon" "oh 10 p.m. 2 more hours to go"
and then "what time is it" "it's already 11 p.m. omg 1 more hour i think i'm gonna cry"
so.... yeah........ compared to B2ST's Beautiful Show, at that time, the time went very fast. i had no special feeling for the concert. But this.............................. it's totally osm and memorable.

oh. and about pictures and fancams............ i got some, but not much. the show's crews were screwing. they were reminding the fans not to record nor take pictures of the show. screw it.
well for you who (maybe) want to watch my fancams........ i think i'm gonna upload it soon on my youtube account => youtube.com/user/tasbolongs. (FAIL. WHY AM I GIVING OUT MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT LINK)

Thank You Super Junior for coming to Indonesia and thank you for showmaxx entertainment for making my impossible-dream (red: super show in Indonesia) came true.
and special for SM entertainment........ Thank you for debuting Super Junior.

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