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60) This Is Gonna Be So... *facepalms*

this post is going to be so............ embarassing. for me. hh-_-
just wanna share a story about me and my greediness. I'm greedy because: i already watched ss4 day 1 but i really wanted to watch day 3's show too. Is it that hard?

So last Sunday i went to ancol (again) with Ayu and Cindi with hope we'll get 3 concert tickets, but eventually we didn't get any. I was really sad that time but i couldn't cry. and almost everybody there who didn't get the ticket just like us were protesting outside the Ancol Beach City mall. so we just joined them.

i did had fun while protesting that time, but i didn't know why, right after the concert was ended and i met my mom who was just out from the venue, i cried in front of her after telling that i didn't get the ticket and just waited outside until the concert had ended.

what made me really wanna cry more and more is....... my mom looked like she didn't care about me crying. at all. dunno why but i just wanted to blame my mother because i didn't get to attend the concert. fml.
sorry mom, i really envy you. jealousy is all over me. though after saying this i know i'll still cry every time i remember last Sunday's tragedy.

Such a tragedy.

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