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62) N00B$

i hate it. i hate them. i hate people these days and their ways of thinking.

have you ever seen someone had an accident while riding her/his motorbike in front of your own eyes? what would you do?
as for me, i would help that person.
except if i have to hurry to go to school or there are already many people helping him/her.

what the fck is wrong with this world. or should i just say my country, Indonesia.
I think most of Indonesian people don't have common sense.
For God's sake! if you see someone who is in a trouble you should help! not just stand there and watch.

the most irritating is when you slipped from your motorbike and the cars behind you only sound their car's horn. i wanna say many curses for this sheettty stupid car-driver-n00bs.
why can't those people just get out from their cars and help? sheeeed.

ok actually the main reason why i'm so pissed off by this thing is because this morning i experienced it.
and it's the 3rd time i've had accident while driving my motorbike to my school, SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang.

so, people. you better repair your common senses. be a smart person. be a good person.

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