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63) Don't tell me if this is......

.................... i've been feeling not good about my health these days. i don't know. i often feel extremely sleeply at class. i've never felt this sleepy before. and the awkward thing is i can sleep at class. usually, i can't.

but....... that's not the thing i want to talk about right now actually.
i've been feeling itchy at that-part-of-my-body-which-i-can-not-tell-here since last month. so i just scratch it everytime it felt itchy. and now what. the upper part of it was........ bleeding(?) i don't know, it isn't literally bleeding, but it produces some sort of thick liquid and when it dried, it feels so damn hurt.
i've been thinking this day............. can it be........ cancer? astaghfirullah amit-amit jabang bayi ah T_T Ya Allah tolong sembuhkanlah segera luka aneh ini...........

i hope it's just my feeling. i hope it isn't cancer. i hope it's just a normal wound. amen! ;____;

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