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78) *Scoffs*

Hi people. what do you really think about the definition of examination/test and the purpose of it?
Sure we all know, to see how far is our knowledge about some particular subjects.

and all this time i had been growing up in a good surrounding, -always be coughfaircough-

but now, especially in this 11th grade, i don't feel it at all.

like seriously, what's the point in getting good grades but in reality you know almost nothing?

well it's not like i'm jealous because my grades are lower than yours or something, because even though it is, i still think that you suck and i'm better because i'm not like you.

of course yes, you don't want it if your parents see your bad grades, everyone does.
but can't you just think even just a little bit for your future or else? nu-uh.

see, i have this one friend, and i know that he doesn't have good grades. but this one friend always try his best in exams, he doesn't cheat even once. event though he knows almost nothing, or actually nothing, he tries to be fair.

so, before i end this post, i wanna say sorry for you who feel offended of this post (but that would be because you know you are a bad student like what i wrote in this post. HA.)
and it's up to you if you want to call me bitchy or what, because i only write my opinion here.

if you think i'm bitchy, then why don't you take a look at yourself, go buy a mirror.

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