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42) fagyea; It's An Update!

Um...... it has been a long time since the last time i posted here.. right?
and by the way, i don't know whether i will post here often or not, because actually i already have a personal blog, it was created in 2009, it's rather old, right. And i can't tell you the url because......... that blog contains so many secrets and i can't let people know that it was me who posted those posts. LOL. LE NINJA.

And.............. Today is the last day of exam in SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang, so................

And.......... i actually want to tell my thoughts about my school's website's progress. My school's ICT team are really good. They make the site much much much better day by day. <3 lol the first time i saw the website my jaw was dropping because it's really.......... um....... ok just forget about it lah. And i kinda.... embarassed if people search "SMA Negeri 8" and then they clicked my school's website and then..........

"what dahel iz thizzzz?"

LOL. But now, i won't happen. Because the website is now worth looking<3 lol.
Go go go check it! => http://sman8tangerang.sch.id

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